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Is Your Plan In Place For Next Year?

For many the answer is no.

Distributors, and for that matter, many companies have found it difficult to successfully put a short and/or long term plan in place.

          "It's too much work."

          "It takes too much time."

          "No one looks at the plan anyway."

          "We know we should, but this customer needs help now. We'll get to it later."

What happens is companies put a plan in place and they then feel the job is done. The plan is not an end in itself; it is a means to an end. The key is the execution and implementation. As you develop your plan, make sure that you have included key milestones and are able to measure your accomplishments.

Is it too late to put a plan in place for next year?

It is never too late to bring your management team together and make decisions on what goals you have for next year and how you will go about accomplishing them. Challenge the team:

          "What have we done well that we should continue and what should we stop doing      that is hurting our business?"

          "What is changing in our marketplace and how should we respond?"

          "Do we have the resources we need to be competitive?"

          "Is our organization up to the task of profitably growing our business?"

If you have not already done so, get started. Spend the time to prepare for what you need to do starting January 1st. Remember, the more complex your plan the less likely that it will be accomplished, so keep it simple; communicate what needs to be done throughout the organization; and FOLLOW-UP.

If you engage your people in the planning process they will take a new level of ownership in the outcome of the plan. Give assignments to as many people in your organization as possible. Your pickers and packers will accomplish more and feel good about their everyday tasks if they feel as though they are responsible for the achievements of your company.

Plan now for success and by the end of next year a lot will have been accomplished.

The Distributor Board helps its clients keep it simple and get it done.

Plan on having a great New Year!