Advisory Board Services

Owners of distribution companies face a daily barrage of challenges. All of these require solutions and those generally come only from the principals of the company.  We know this, because we have sat in your seat.  We understand the need that you have for people who are knowledgeable about distribution and can provide effective and creative solutions.  We understand the value of an Advisory Board. 

An Advisory Board has always been thought of as an important resource for any distribution company.  The questions always are:

  • How do I find people for an Advisory Board who have had experience in running, and who understand, a distribution company? 
  • If I can find qualified advisors, how can I make sure they will not also advise my competitors? 
  • How should distributors successfully use an Advisory Board? 
  • What value can an Advisory Board add to my business? 
  • How often should an Advisory Board meet? 
  • What should be on the agenda?  What does a Board of Advisors do? 
  • How is a Board of Advisors different from a Board of Directors?
  • How do committees function on an Advisory Board? 

The Distributor Board can answer these questions.  Most importantly we can serve as your Board of Advisors.  Learn about our qualifications? We have owned, run, managed, and advised successful distribution companies for many years.