Herb Shields has spent his career in Operations and Supply Chain management.  He has deep experience leading organizations in adapting to and succeeding in the ever changing business environment while providing career opportunities and training for both professional and hourly employees.

As a consultant since 2000, Herb has assisted mid-size manufacturers and distributors in improving their supply chain and operational performance.  He has reduced costs of purchased materials and services, increased inventory turnover, and improved the skills of client personnel through customized training programs. Herb has added value for clients in the following areas:

  • Strategic supply chain issue resolution
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Purchasing and contract manufacturing
  • Development of sourcing strategies and partnership relations with key suppliers
  • Purchasing and Inventory training and development
  • Improving inventory turnover
  • Assessment of existing ERP systems
  • Recruiting and hiring key managers and professionals in supply chain functions
  • Cost analysis techniques to lower purchased material costs
  • Development and implementation of Sales & Operations processes.
  • Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance

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