Strategic Planning

The Distributor Board's approach is to work closely with the Board of Directors, owners and/or managers of distribution companies in a facilitative role designed to develop consensus and agreement on strategies for future direction.  Evaluation and analysis time is spent within the organization and market research is conducted outside the organization.  In combination, these are powerful tools for designing effective, creative strategies, which have a high potential for successful implementation.

The Distributor Board is skilled in the gathering and analysis of information, and development of implications for management.  Due to our extensive experience in marketing, distribution and manufacturing, The Distributor Board is well qualified to undertake a broad range of business planning assignments

The Distributor Board delivers a variety of strategic client services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Execution
  • Organizational Goal Development
  • Market Plan Development
  • Customer Service Analysis and Planning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Primary and Secondary Market Research
  • Web Site Development and Optimization
  • Social Media Awareness and Adoption Strategies