Technology Guidance

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Technology needs to be leveraged to increase the efficiencies and impact on all areas of a distributor’s business. We help distributors better utilize existing technology and in appropriate cases, we help them evaluate and implement new technology focused on their goals. Our guidance takes the very complex decisions regarding technology and reduces them to simple, but thoughtful processes.

The technology that we help distributors make excelent decisions on are the following:

• CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

• Forecasting

• WMS (Warehouse Management System)

We lead our distributor clients through a concise six-phase process culminating in the successful implementation of enabling technology. The phases are:

Cost Justification

The need to know whether a project is going to create the ROI that you desire is critical to your organization. No business should undertake a project or invest money in a direction that cannot be cost justified. In this phase, we help distributors make an intelligent “go / no go” decision.

Developing Key Needs & Requirements

Developing a clear understanding of the unique technology needs of the organization and prioritizing those needs to facilitate the effective evaluation of technology. This includes the review of current processes to determine opportunities for improvement through new technology. We have a great depth of knowledge related to distributors and their technology needs. This helps our clients create a requirements document that will lead them through the evaluation and selection process.

Evaluating Technology Options

The goal of evaluating technology is to make a sound business decision. We focus our attention on guiding our clients towards a business decision that aligns with their strategy, goals, and their unique “best practices”. It is important to take an objective viewpoint when evaluating technology. We help people stay objective through clear criteria that is in harmony with the organizations goals and culture. We also ensure that the software solution providers satisfy the needs of our client throughout the process.

Selecting the Best Fit Technology

This is the logical culmination of the evaluation phase. Our clients are able to confidently select technology that will meet their needs today and into the foreseeable future. Our goal is to guide our clients towards a decision that is based on both quantitative and qualitative of the efforts leading up to this phase.

Negotiating Contracts

This is a very important phase focused on creating contract documents that will lead the solution provider’s implementation team towards meeting our client’s goals and expectations. Often solution provider contracts heavily favor the solution provider and not the client. We ensure that the contracts are not only fair, but clearly define our client’s expectations and key business requirements.

Implementation Project Management

Once the decision has been made to implement new technology, the planning and execution of the implementation is critical to the successful utilization of new technology. We are committed to being with our client through the duration of the implementation and act as the project leader and liaison between the client and the solution provider. This ensures that our client receives the services that were agreed upon and most importantly, technology that fits their needs and requirements like a glove.

We also help distributors understand how to best utilize emerging technologies, such as social marketing, collaboration, and virtual solutions.